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Judithann H. David PhD


Individual Psychotherapy 

Psychotherapy is the practice of talking things through with a skilled and trusted professional.  It provides a context for solving problems in one's personal life and healing emotional pain such as anxiety, depression, grief, guilt and trauma.  For all who seek therapy, there is a desire to grow coupled with the courage to change.  Inevitably, there are times when we lose our way, make mistakes or flounder in doubts about our own abilities. A skilled therapist understands and can help us to find solutions to problems and relief from pain in a nonjudgmental atmosphere.  Life is a journey without end.  Learning to foster our strengths and nurture a sense of well being and peace that persists in the face of all challenges is an important and vital task.

People often want to know what type of therapy is best for them and some of the most common types of therapy that I specialize in are Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, systematic desensitization and mind-body therapies such as Somatic Experiencing.  I regard myself as holistic and transpersonal in my approach as a therapist and tailor the work we do to your needs as an individual.  I am also very partial to utilizing the newly emerging brain research to refine my techniques and provide the most effective treatment strategies.  Sessions are face-to-face in the office for 45 to 50 minutes, although occasionally we may have a session by telephone or with Skype.

The length of therapy will vary with the nature of the problem.  A problem that is limited in scope such as fear of flying or the death of a loved one can often be resolved in as little as 6 sessions.  When we deal with problems that are more complex, changes need to be made gradually and in small increments so that the changes will be stable and in harmony will all aspects of one's life.  A good rule of thumb is around six months to make significant progress.

It is also important that you feel comfortable working with me and that I am a good match for you.  To explore this, I invite you to schedule a free half-hour session with me over the phone.  You can make an appointment by clicking on "make an appointment" and selecting the "free initial consult" option.

Or. . .take advantage of a FREE INTRODUCTORY OFFER available in the month of October, 2013.  I am offering a full 50 minute session for free in my office or by Skype.  No strings attached and a one time session is OK.   Click on “make an appointment” to reserve your time. 

Couple's Counseling 

When I work with couples, my approach is holistic.  That is, I work not only with the relationship, but with the individuals within the relationship.  There are three aspects that need to be focused on if any relationship is to function well.  This is 1) how the partners communicate with each other, 2) the issues the partners are having difficulty resolving and 3) the factors within each individual that create the particular dynamic of their relationship.  When you start working with me, we will evaluate your situation by meeting first as a couple and then I will meet with each of you individually.  When we reconvene on the fourth session, goals are developed and a plan of how we will conduct the therapy process will be worked out.

After four sessions, you will also know if you are comfortable working with me.  I have studied many approaches to relationship counseling in the more than 30 years I have been a therapist.  While it is fashionable to say one is an expert in one approach or another, I prefer to tailor my approach to the individuals I am working with.  I try to be as sensitive as I can to each of the persons in the partnership and I find this works best for ultimate success in creating a relationship that works.

You may want to end therapy when your distress is greatly diminished and you have found successful ways to take care of yourself.  At this time you may choose to transition into Wellness Coaching to continue your journey of self discovery and self actualization


A coaching relationship is a new way to think of taking care of yourself and your life.  As the world of mental health and therapy has become medicalized, the need for a neutral territory in which to look at one’s self and one’s life has increased.  When I say “medicalized,” I mean that psychotherapy has become “treatment” and feelings of anxiety and depression have become “medical conditions.”  This has developed, in part, because insurance companies have needed a way to define what is reimbursable and what is not with regard to mental health issues.  But this means that the individual must define themselves as “sick” to ask for help.  Naturally, many people resist this.  Of course there are medical conditions in which the main symptoms are depression or anxiety for which psychotherapy is treatment.  But for many people, anxiety and depression are symptoms of problems in living: a signal that one needs to pay attention to one’s self and one’s emotions on a deeper level.

The coaching relationship is grounded in a “wellness” model meaning that you are “well” and that any feelings of anxiety, depression, sadness or anger arise out of the pressures of life that you are not coping with that well.  Our job together is to explore your reactions and develop strategies that are more effective.  We are all involved in trying to feel satisfied in our relationships, in our jobs/careers,  in all aspects of our lives that have meaning to us and in our relationship to ourselves.   This is the arena of self-actualization and fulfillment and the arena in which coaching particularly shines.  In a coaching relationship you are not defined by your problems, but by who you are and where you are going with your life. 


Online Counseling/Coaching 

I offer online counseling to those who are not available to come to my office or find it more convenient to do sessions from their home or office.  Skype is the video conferencing provider that I am using at present.  It is free to download if you haven’t done it already.  I will do telephone conversations from time to time if necessary, but it is best for me to work face to face.   It seems most appropriate to me to call these sessions coaching sessions rather than counseling or therapy sessions although the issues you bring to the table are exactly the same.   Take a look at the information about "coaching."

Look in the “forms” section for the Wellness Coaching office policy as this is the one you will print and send to me along with the intake sheet.  All sessions are 50 minutes long and $140 per session.  If you arrange of a block of sessions (more than four) you can have a 5% discount.  Please call me at (510) 883-4656 if you have questions or would like to talk with me in person about this option.  You can schedule a free half hour telephone consultation and then you are assured of a time when we can talk.  You can also click on “make and appointment” and schedule your first session with me if you know already that you want to start. 

Payment is mostly easily taken care of with Paypal and my e-mail address is  You can also mail a check to my office address below.   Payment needs to be received before we start our session.  If have found video conferencing sessions to be very effective and hope you will take advantage of using this modality to do our work together if you think it will suit you.  

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