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Judithann H. David PhD


From Sherry B 

There was a point in my life when I had gotten myself into a downward spiral.  There were several disappointing events in my life and I felt like I just didn't want to live.  The emotional turmoil was overwhelming.  I couldn't work nor eat nor sleep.  I had been in and out of therapy for several years previous with different therapist in Berkeley, and I came away feeling like I had wasted thousands of hard earned dollars.  I did get some benefit, but ultimately came
away disappointed; feeling like I was on the right road but the therapist didn't have the skill to take me further or to put the pieces together.

I had lost faith in therapy and therapists, but Dr. Judie David came highly recommended.  I decided to give it one last chance.  I immediately responded to her unique approach to therapy.  She is highly skilled in a variety of different approaches.  She does not rest until she uncovers the core issues that both impair or motivate you.

It's interesting to sit and talk with a therapist about a variety of peripheral issues and I wasted a boatload of money doing this.  This was not the case with Dr. David.  She was brilliant at identifying and sorting through the my issues and leading me to, as well as through, the path of change.  I have made incredible changes and I have her to thank.

From Jane B.

Thanks so much for helping me with a short 6 week therapy  "session".  I am not rich by any means and could not go week after week with no results as I have done with other therapists.  Judi got right to the problem and gave me numerous ideas on how to handle my   situation.  I now have tools to use when I get into trouble and can readily use them to help myself.  Her approach was unique as far as I am concerned and I did not have to spend umpteeen hours going over my whole life story.  I would recommend her to anyone interested in helping themselves through a crisis.

From Brittney M.

 Dr. Judie is a great therapist. I honestly fell in love with her when I met her for the first time. She reminded me of Mizz Frizzle from the Magic School Bus and she has such a delightful personality to match!

Dr. Judie helped me to unravel the anxiety that had such a tight coil around my body physically and life. Each session was a stepping stone and helped me not only overcome fears but express myself and discover emotions I had suppressed over the years. I can't think her enough!

If you want someone that will work with you and not just listen to you talk, Dr. Judie is your new therapist!

From Ida K.

I was addicted to self-help books, looking for a solution to my constant anxiety, self-criticism, and feeling that I was dragging myself through a life without joy and sunshine.  With Dr. David as my guide, I have reduced my fears, identifying each one and how it had a hold on me.  We have countered my tendency to negatively compare myself to others, working through person by person, so that now I know I have my own uniqueness just as they do. I have learned how to feel my emotions in my body rather than deny they exist.  Now I can feel my fear or anger and feel it dissipate with the coping tools Dr. David taught me.  Instead of riding an emotional roller coaster throughout the day, I can roll with the punches and come out whole.  Each day, with Dr. David’s help, I can experience moments of joy and feelings of satisfaction.  From my vantage point, Dr. David’s skills as a therapist are exceptional.  I recommend her to anyone looking to lessen an emotional burden and learn how to better cope with life’s challenges. 

From Marilyn H:

I recommend Dr. David.  She was able to help me with panic attacks after other therapists could not.  I also had a number of health issues that I needed to make decisions about.  She had insight and suggestions that helped me and motivated me to take action.

From Tracy O

I have been a patient of Judithann David for about five years.  During this time, I have had to cope with some serious family issues.  Dr. David has the skill to listen thoroughly and ask questions to get to the heart of things.  What I like, is her ability, within a session, to synthesize a number of things going on in my life and help me define both strategies to use and practical actions that I can take.  I like her honest, frank approach.  I feel we work collaboratively together, while at the same time, she will push me when necessary to do what is best for me.  I am very glad to have her in my life.

From John G:

Dr. David is the best therapist I have ever worked with. She has a vast level of experience and familiarity with nearly every modality.

She has been able to handle everything that I've thrown I her, which is quite a bit. 

She is truly wonderful, and I highly recommend her.

From Elizabeth L:

Dr David has been pivotal in my survival and growth over the past 10 years. Judie has the understanding and expertise that I needed and has been my go to comfort zone with issues from anxiety attacks, adolescent/adult children, death of a parent and divorce. I believe that I am now ready to take on any issue thrown at me, and can breathe in the knowledge that Judie is just a Skype call away.

From Jesse K:

I've been a patient of Dr. David's for over a year, and I've found her understanding, insightful and very helpful.


Judithann H. David PhD
 (510) 883-4656

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